itemscope: HTML attribute

itemscope is a Boolean attribute that defines the scope of the associated metadata. Specifying the itemscope attribute for an item creates a new item, which results in a number of name-value pairs associated with the item.

A related attribute, itemtype, is used to specify the valid URL of a vocabulary describing the item and its property context.

Each HTML element can have an itemscope attribute specified. An itemscope element that does not have an associated itemtype must have an associated itemref .

When you specify the itemscope attribute for an item, a new item is created. The element consists of a group of name-value pairs. For items with an itemscopeattribute and an itemtypeattribute, you can also specify an id attribute. You can use the id attribute to set a global identifier for the new item. A global identifier allows the item to be related to other items found on pages across the web.