<thead>: the "table head" element

The HTML <thead> element defines a set of rows that define the header of the table columns.


Deprecated attributes


This enumerated attribute specifies how the horizontal alignment of each cell's contents will be handled. Possible values are:

  • left, aligning the contents to the left of the cell
  • center, centering the contents of the cell
  • right, aligning the contents to the right of the cell
  • justify, inserting spaces in the textual content so that the content is justified in the cell
  • char, aligning the textual content on a special character with a minimum offset, defined by the char and charoff attributes.

If this attribute is not set, the value left is assumed.


The background color of the table. It is a 6-digit hexadecimal RGB code, preceded by a '#'. This attribute can be used with one of sixteen predefined color strings:

  • black:"#000000"
  • green:"#008000"
  • silver:"#C0C0C0"
  • files:"#00FF00"
  • gray:"#808080"
  • olives:"#808000"
  • white:"#FFFFFF"
  • yellow:"#FFFF00"
  • maroon:"#800000"
  • navy:"#000080"
  • red:"#FF0000"
  • blue:"#0000FF"
  • purple:"#800080"
  • teal:"#008080"
  • fuchsia:"#FF00FF"
  • aqua:"#00FFF"


The content in the cell item is aligned to a character. Typical values include a period (.) to align numbers or monetary values. If align is not set to char, this attribute is ignored.


This attribute is used to shift the column data to the right of the character specified by the char attribute. Its value specifies the duration of this movement.


This attribute specifies the vertical alignment of text within each row of table header cells. Possible values for this attribute are:

  • baseline, which will put the text as close to the bottom of the cell as possible, but will align it to the baseline of the characters rather than the bottom of them. If the characters are all the size, this has the same effect as bottom.
  • bottom, which will put the text as close to the bottom of the cell as possible;
  • middle, which centers the text in the cell;
  • top, which will put the text as close to the top of the cell as possible.

Since this attribute is deprecated, use the CSS vertical-align property instead.


To see examples for the <thead> element, see the page dedicated to <table>